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  1. Nope, I don’t buy it. They’d never have that friendly looking of a smile, that’s not even predatory.

    1. That’s exactly what they want you to think : hunting is not about display of brute force, it’s all about cunning and deception. The best hunter is the one you don’t suspect to be a hunter and let come closer… until it’s too late.

  2. SJWs? No.

    Toxic men who think everything they don’t like is too woke to the point that they fail to understand how the original Candyman movies were messages about racism and that the remake actually was incredibly faithful to the originals? Yes, most definitely.

    And before anyone tries to bring up “masculinity isn’t toxic”, so you’re telling me if you were given water but was told it was toxic you’d drink it and give yourself stomach poisoning?

    1. Congratulations, you truly are a SJW – or at least, show their defining characteristic : according to them, the purpose of any work is to further their ideas.

      Well, that’s true when you’re writing a speech or a pamphlet but here, we’re talking about narrative art medias – movies, video games, comics, to quote Jago. The main purpose of any narrative work is to tell a story and it’s according to this objective it has to be assessed.

      So if you decide, let’s say, to cast a black actor as Superman, I’m asking : are you doing this to support and further your movie ? Are you reinventing the whole Superman’s backstory, giving him a childhood and teenhood plagued with discrimination (maybe some hate crimes against the Kent – white people having adopted a black child – from their conservative neighbors) when he was growing up in a backwater like Smallville ? Are you building a new Superman whose way of thinking has been shaped accordingly to this ? Is your work credible and coherent ?

      Or are you just deciding it’s progressive to have the main character (and not any main character but the main superhero of comics’ history) black and moving on whatsoever usual story, as the SJWs sing your praises (“How progressive ! A black Superman !”) and prejudge the movie to be good because “It has a black Superman !” ?

      I choose a good work without ideology over a poor work filled to the brim with it (even my own). If that makes me toxic in your eyes, I can live with it – after all, in my eyes, SJWs are sectarian, counter-productive to any cause they claim to contribute, a serious threat to rational thinking and humankind future as a functional society, and unfortunately, they live with it…

  3. It’s quite ironic. Now there is no free consumers on the market, so corps look at noisy SJW minority and think “hey, that’s trending”. Next thing you know, they alienate their core consumers by something “woke”, thinking this will get them more consumers by being “inclusive”. Entertainment industry is now stuck between fake PR moves and lack of free consumers that corps don’t have to fight for.
    Being short-sighted, greedy and too eager to please their ignorant investors, corps destroy the very value they created over years.
    Clown world
    p.s. Better do things yourself than cry for others to change someting, that at least will be more about creation than turning existing value into self-paroding fanfic

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