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  1. Constructive criticism that might come off as cynical with some of the jokes used, sorry to say.

    If you’re not gonna give the guy a normal sized nose and instead choose to transplant Triple H’s schnoze onto him(in case it needs to be said, Trips isn’t Jewish), why not give him and the lady he’s shrugging at a more tan skin color so they don’t look like bargain bin God of War placeholders?

    Like, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Y’all Qaeda, they all can suck a big fat turd, but that doesn’t mean we should resort to stereotyping. Hell, I didn’t even wish Trump would die from when he had Covid, and I despise the guy tons.

    1. si bueno, dile al autor del comic que dibuje a los talibanes como seres hermosos, asi la gente piensa que son buenos y lochan por una causa digna. a por cierto muchos de estos talibanes no son mejor parecido que este dibujo.

      1. wey nunca dijo que los dibujara hermosos, solo que no los dibujara como estereotipos lol

        te falta compresión lectora y un diccionario de ingles/español

    1. I think the implication is she’s fighting for women oppressed by the Taliban after their recent re-taking of Afghanistan by showing off her armpit hair then talking about it on social media when, it in fact does nothing at all.

    2. It is about social media warriors who act like they are on the front lines fighting the good fight when they are really just making hollow token gestures that do nothing to address the real problems.

      “Women are being horribly mistreated in the Middle East? I’ll save them by refusing to conform to Western beauty standards and not shave my arm pits and posting that I am not shaving on social media!”

      The woman not shaving gets attention but it does jack shit for the women actually being mistreated.

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