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  1. Let’s be realistic, Elly said that to fuck with her. As for SJWs being fatphobic, eh, I doubt that, too. I used to be fatphobic due to having dated one who ended up having abused and raped me. I’m amazed I’m not so much anymore after what she pulled, but we shouldn’t judge people by their weight, whether or not one person hurt you while being so.

    Ntm it’s possible for fat people to still be healthy enough. Just look at pro wrestler Acey Romero. Guy’s a big boi and can move pretty well in the ring. I’m relatively skinny and also broad-shouldered, but Lord knows I can’t keep up with a guy like him, even before I had Covid. How is this possible?

    Well, in addition to a healthy diet and exercise(people can do this and still end up heavy in weight and that’s okay cause nobody’s genetics are the same), cardio. You have no idea how important cardio can be.

  2. I’m a fat boy, myself. And I know I need to shed the tonnage. But I’m not a inactive slob who does “Netflix and chill, (with a bunch unnecessary and unhealthy snacks)”.
    As far a “Fat-Shaming” goes. Well, you could first learn to tune out the mean girls who’ll give you grief regardless, and start listening to the folks who care, but are likely tired of your B.S. and have no problems saying so.
    And finally, get off your ass and move around! Hell, why not “Netflix and elliptical” or something?
    And if do have a “Thyroid problem”, any doctor that isn’t a quack will say that you have a better reason than most to get and stay active.

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