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  1. Oh, man, I can relate…

    A couple years ago, I made a comment about “looking for a tranny” and got chewed out for using “insensitive terms”.

    I was referring to the transmission for a car…

      1. Unfortunately, if I’m going to avoid using technical terms that might be perceived as slurs, I’m going to run out of technical terms, because some asshats adopt *any* term as a slur…

        1. That’s not even remotely the case. We don’t make up new slurs for people to not say, we just point out that the slurs used against people are bad.

          Please quit making excuses and adapt with the times like the rest of us.

          1. TIL a reply chain can only go up to 4 on here before the reply button’s removed, but InfiniteM0nkeys, I don’t even know what you mean by that, so it basically means nothing to me.

  2. Anon: You don’t even know what the joke was about!!

    Clara: Okay, tell me what it was about.

    Anon: So a Nazi beats up a black guy for no good reason–

    Clara: Stop.

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