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  1. I am Sorry Dibuja, I can see how this funny ? but it is just too tragic! People are going to bed hungry in the western world as well….mostly children ?

    1. Yes, its tragic. Because Elon Musk is capitalizing on us going “look at how great this man is! He wants to solve world hunger!”

      When he KNOWS the UN, as incompetent and corrupt as they are (they actively turn a blind eye to crimes certain nations commit) would not be able to create such a solution.

      No matter what happens, Elon Musk comes out looking like the good guy. It’s a PR stunt.

      If he Genuinely wanted to do something about World Hunger, he’d be creating a company that worked with individual areas to create hopefully Local Solutions.

      If you’re going to do something Good, just Do It! Don’t Talk, Do!

  2. Thomas Edison bet Tesla $50,000 if he successfully make Edison’s electrical machines more efficient. I suspect like Edison, Musk won’t pay out.

  3. I gotta apologize, but while I’ve mostly been critical of some of your comics and still enjoy your work cause I love Erika Sophie and Artur, this one….this one’s just plain bad. I’m sorry, but it feels low effort.

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