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  1. I just recently had i conversation that went very similar to this
    And by the end we settle on me playing a game I never played and her watching a movie she never did

  2. “I like video games” is too broad a term to use to indicate common interest, after all, ‘Candy Crush’, ‘Apex Legends’, ‘Need For Speed’ and ‘The Sims’ are all video games, but otherwise they have very little in common with each other.

    1. Agreed. Who knows both of them could discover new interests adjacent to what you already like while experiencing the joy of introducing someone to your interests.

  3. Well, at least you tried.
    Though next time, maybe ask them what those are like; would hurt less, and you may- aaah, who am I kidding. Compatibility is a thing of the past?.

  4. Damn. This hits home a little too much. But at the same time, with the ever growing amount of games, comics, books, and other “geek stuff” out there the chances of not having the same interests within those things are getting smaller and smaller

  5. Well, the best thing to do in this scenario is to both try something new until you find something that you can enjoy as a couple.

    Its also heartening that geekdom has expanded so much that it has so many sub-genres. There was a time when “RPG gamer” was synonymous with AD&D and “Video Gamer” with shooters. Now its such a broad category that it tells you next to nothing.

  6. Jago has zero game kkkkkkkkkkkk, I’d take this interaction as a chance to show her what I like amd her showing me what she likes

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