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  1. I’ve met Hispanic people that were white skinned.
    My dad was white with an almost permanent tan with how often he went to the beach to tan.
    There exist black people that have a lighter skin tone than most.

    People exist in so many amazing ways that it sucks that shitty ones judge them for said differences.

    Anyway, was this referencing adoption?

  2. I think it had to do with the new Disney movie if the poster on the wall is to be believed; probably yet another twit-iot with a bad dye job,( or is that redundant), claiming some characters in the movie got “whitewashed” or whatever tired complaint it is this time.

    1. They literally made Tom Cruise star in a movie called The Last Samurai, Dr. Strange’s mentor was changed from an old Asian man to a bald Scottish white woman, Ghost in the Shell’s movie starred Scarlett Johansson, Netflix cast nothing but white people in a Death Note adaptation, they casted Crisp Rat to voice an Italian plumber in an upcoming movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s cast a white man as an Asian man in arguably the most insulting performance anyone will ever see, blackface actors were a thing and sometimes still are(ex. Jimmy Fallon playing Chris Rock on Saturday Night Live), and you expect me to believe your comment is educated on this matter?

  3. The controversy was born because on Twitter someone complained about Encanto. This person alleged that Disney did “whitewasing” because Maribel had “white” relatives (“White” by the US definition). Clearly, those who complain about this do not know anything about Colombia.

    In Colombia we are all mestizos. Easily in the same family there can be blacks, whites, blonde people with blue/green eyes, have indigenous features etc … and still remain related by blood. And I’m not talking about distant relatives, I’m talking about immediate family, a “white” person and another with indigenous features can be brothers or cousins.

    This is because there is everything in our blood due to the migrations that have taken place since the time of the conquest. The native Indians of South America (different from those of the North), the slaves brought from Africa, Dutch, Chinese, Jews (although that is not a race), Arabs, Japanese, English, Germans etc …

    For us it is not strange. However, I have noticed that for some people this is unthinkable, as at least those who complain.

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