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    1. Go tell Australia that.

      I would be careful about accusing a small minority of people for all the troubles in society. That’s how the biggest atrocities in WW2 started. History will not look back on you kindly.

      1. LMFAO The USA literally reported the most Covid cases in a single day just a few days ago at at least a million whereas Australia won’t let anyone in if they’re unvaccinated, sit yo bitchass down.

        1. That won’t stop infection. Because as long as you have animals that it can hide in, you’ll always be at risk. And as a man far wiser than any one us said “those who would sacrifice freedom for safety deserve neither”.

          Australia has indeed gone down the path of taking freedoms away. One thing I’ve learned about governments over they years is the fact that once they take something away, getting it back is ten times harder!

          Also considering that while there have been more cases but far far fewer deaths, maybe the old yardstick of “new cases” doesn’t have the same weight it used to have.

          1. So you’re saying to blame it on the animals that have no vaccine against Covid instead of the people that opt against getting vaccinated against Covid because they believe in conspiracy nonsense about it.

          2. “Those who sacrifice freedom for safety deserve neither”.

            This is wrong. Those who sacrifice RESPONSIBLE freedom for safety deserve neither. Freedom isn’t something that should be taken for granted by those who abuse it at the expense of the livelihood of others to the point that both or all should ultimately suffer as part of some unfortunate domino effect. When people act irresponsibly, governments will have no choice but to act in order to maintain stability, which can and do resolve in the abdication of freedoms.

            If you want to blame anyone for the lockdowns and restrictions, maybe we should be blaming ourselves for our own stupidity that let the restrictions happen in the first place.

        2. Positive test results don’t matter. For starters, a lot of them are asymptomatic. Also because the way out of this is when everyone has it and no one needs to go to hospital. What matters are hospitalizations and fatalities.

          People who think positive test results are all that matter are the people to blame for all of this.

          1. Is that was the last major pandemic from 100 years ago ended after about a year and a half and solely ended because everyone got vaccinated?

          2. Positive results or not, one must take proper responsibility to ensure that themselves and those around them are not subject to the spread. Get an inoculation or disinfect and wear a mask.

            This is getting pathetic even by the interests of “freedom”.

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