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  1. No.

    No, Jago.

    There exists literally NO SJW, sound of mind or otherwise, trying to claim transage is a thing. Same goes for transrace. Only ones trying to validate transage, if anyone, are usually people who hold right-wing views to the extreme, such as evangelical Christians.

    I’ve not minded most of your bad takes, but this is by far the stupidest, most disgusting, and shittiest one I’ve ever seen. I’m out. Fuck this shit. I’ve never been more disgusted by a comic series I loved in my life.

    1. At last, this comic’s commentaries get rid of its resident SJW. If this very bad strip was the price to pay for such an outcome, I pay it gladly.

        1. Ah yes, vulgarity and off-topic : SJW’s trademarks. But… weren’t you out, by your own saying ? Unless *gasp* you were playing drama-queen and hoping for some attention ? I’m shocked, that’s sooo unlike SJWs ! Oh wait, it isn’t. Everything’s OK, then.

  2. Bad Jago.

    Nobody, but NOBODY believes “trans-age” is something that should be acceptable or considered real. Different developmental speed is a completely different and REAL medical concept, but the idea of “trans-age” is just on par with the notion of pedophiles trying to get a seat under the LGBTQ+ umbrella – it’s not a thing that’s actually happening, or going to happen.

    The Mexican supreme court ruling in question, from what I can parse of it, concerns *correcting* erroneous birth certificates (such as if you’ve lived your life celebrating your birthday on April 6th, and then you discover than your birth certificate says March 6th), and does not extend to changing your identity. It’s a measure to correct an old bureaucratic error.

    Interestingly, it seems the only American news outlets to report on this case are anti-trans and/or conservative Christian newspapers. So interpret that as you will…

  3. Good strip Jago! 🙂
    Keep your courage!
    So called “social justice” with its warriors became parody of reason and logic long time ago…

    1. Only because Jago is pushing a false narrative. He’s become no better than Fox News at this point. Now that I think about it, comics like these suggest he gets super offended by people promoting awareness to important causes.

      On top of that, the “SJW” term has been played out to death and isn’t even a term used to describe people fighting for good causes anymore. He’s beating a dead horse that now I’m convinced you fuck at a barn.

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