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  1. I take it that this is about trans-gendered people, specifically those biologically male initially, competing in professional events as their preferred genders?

    If I’m going to be honest, I think that anyone trans who wants to compete at a professional/elite level should compete in the MALE events. If that is the rule, then Trans Female to Males would get to compete as their preferred gender, while the Female competitions doesn’t get overwhelmed by males pretending to be Trans Male to Female in order to get a competitive advantage.

    1. I’ve said it bluntly. They want representation, then we need to create a new division. Where ONLY Trans can compete. That’d be fair and retain the spirit of sportsmanship.

      Except well, I know how that’d go over. I’ve seen similar happen in online gaming. Blizzard dealt with a similar issue. Legal but Unfair gaming practices in player vs player. So, they took these players (called twinks, their name, not mine) and put them into their own division. The result? The division DIED quickly as nobody wanted to use it. These players didn’t want FAIR play, they wanted an UNFAIR advantage.

      The same would happen if they created a Trans Division. It’d die quickly, because these Trans Sports players don’t want Fair Play, IE sportsmanship, they want an Unfair Advantage.

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