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  1. If Justice isn’t delivered (or not correctly), don’t be surprise if one day, People will take their revenge or make their own justice…
    I know it’s sad, and probably lead us to anarchy, but the heart feels relieved and some of People who acted like blind or above the law understand that They’re humans too, and that they need to respect and being respected equally.

  2. I just love when a girl can handle the situatio right!
    +1 for Sophie! 🙂

    … Wonder if it would be possible one day that Erika would get tassed, because she got too close to Arthur…? 😉

  3. I think Sophie has evolved a lot as a character, Guy Jago. She may seem softer, but I wouldn’t want to make any girl mad. Or do something with her that would cause her dad to hunt me down and kill me!

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