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  1. Poor Artur.i imagine he interacts with Erika more because they both like video games,artur likes comics and all that other stuff you stay inside for. and Erika….we barely average herboutsude.and well,erika dressesskimpier than Sophie while at home.which is most of the time.most if the time Artur is at home too.um surprised he hasn’t risked his life by asking her out yet

    1. To be fair, whenever Artur tried doing social activities with Sophie, she either ignored him or acted like a total killjoy.

      Aside from the fact that he shares interests with Erika, She’s actually capable of having fun.

  2. Definitely would be cool to see this other girl in a future comic! And I cannot remotely blame Artur for interacting with Erika more. Maybe he will will risk it at some point?

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