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    1. Me too! Us christians have a sense of humor, despite what some might say. Also, I feel like Jag isn’t quite aware of how cults like the witnesses/mormons work. yes, white collars and ties is the stereotypical representation, but the “witnesses” don’t believe in Jesus as the Christ, and the mormons shun the cross iconography (the book of mormon doesn’t have crosses, cricifixes or anything of the kind on the cover). So yeah, totally true that these groups aren’t following the Lord Jesus 😉
      I don’t force my beliefs onto others, but I feel it is important to remind people that these religious cults are not related to Judeo-Christianity. I mean, people would know that if they actually bothered to check, but most won’t, like Jag here (still makes for a funny joke). Also, did you know that the white-robe with a blue/red sash is an artistic creation, probably created by painters and the like? In reality, such garments were only worn by certain members of the contemporary Jewish priesthood/class. The real, historical aramaic-jew Yeshua probably wore the garbs of a commoner and most likely wasn’t a pale-skinned brunnette :p

      1. The witnesses do believe in Jesus as Christ, you are thinking of the Jews, they do not believe Jesus was Christ.

        Growing up, I had all this shit forced down my throat to the point where I say, it is all lies.

  1. I really don’t know what God thinks about the way people speak on his behalf, but I can imagine he’s “not amused” by all that…. Actually I think that was an understatement.

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