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  1. As a Christian, I approve of this joke 😀
    Reminds me of JRR Tolkien’s argument that “the myth of christ is the one true myth that actually happaned, and makes sense of all the other myths” (Tolkien viewed human storytelling as part of us being created in his image, that as we create stories with fiction and characters, God create stories with history and people). If anyone wants to get a good glimpse into what went on in that head of his, I suggested getting a copy of “The letters of J R R Tolkien”. Be warned tho, his “everyday” language is so darn high-brow it makes Shakespeare look like slang. A professor of linguistics indeed.

  2. How does Sophie walk without her pants dropping down to her ankles? She’s got no belt, obviously no waistband capable of holding her pants up, and since her pants are lower than her hips, they can’t even rely on her hips to keep from falling…

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