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  1. This is another case of the 1% ruining it for the other 99%… of men.

    I feel like there’s a definite difference between just plain “Equal Pay” feminists and “All men are inferior” female supremacists.

    Honestly, I feel like the girls who are constantly like “All men are pigs.” and mean it are actually sexist against men.

    1. While I certainly agree that there are more men who are respectful to women than not, as a guy who pays attention, I personally feel that it’s a lot more than 1% of guys who are causing a problem. It’s just that the problematic percentage of guys are presenting a problem only a small portion of the time, making it difficult to determine whether it’s 4% of guys being disrespectful 25% of their time or 40% of guys being disrespectful 2.5% of their time. It’s my guess that it’s somewhere between those.

      Different people are, of course, different. I’ve met someone who seemed to be interested in being rude or offensive to women roughly the 66% of his time he was awake, and I’ve known people who were only disrespectful a very small portion of their time.

      I would point out that any person who feels that it’s appropriate to call female humans “girls” when they’re older than this same person feels it’s appropriate to call male humans “boys”, outside of contexts where those humans are feeling like they’re too old is part of the problem. Yes, it can be cultural to call women “girls”. Sexism and racism are *frequently* cultural. We can reflect about who we are and what we do. We are not limited to only be that which we were raised to be. I was raised in such a culture, and I did not let it shape me. I live in such a culture, and I do not let it shape me.

  2. To be somewhat fair here, as a guy who grew up in US flyover country and ended up in a coastal US big city for a job for several years. I’m still not entirely certain if there was a higher percentage of assholes there or not, but the higher population density meant I was running into them ENORMOUSLY more often and it really did piss me off quite a bit and I moved back.

    Clara’s been shown to be excessive in judging in this manner, but it does probably cause a bit more drain than seems otherwise apparent.

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