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  1. I don’t mind a covered up Wonder Woman (I personally don’t find her sexy either way), but the thing is, comic retailer sales seem to indicate that revisions like this indeed don’t lead to greater sales to new groups of customers, particularly for classic characters.

    Yes women and minority readers of comics are growing yes, but that doesn’t necessarily they’ll branch out to read mainstream comics any more than they already are. Chances are, for the most popular comics, all the women and minorities you’re going to get are ALREADY reading it, and changing a successful formula will alienate ALL the readers, including any new non-male readers you’re trying to reach out to.

    It’s about knowing your audience. It’s kind of like with Manga, all the mainstream shounen anime tends to be very popular with women (even moreso than shoujo manga) because it’s exactly what it is, no more. If they suddenly changed it all to make it more shoujo-y and “girly”, they’d probably lose both male AND female writers who liked it the way it was.

    TLDR: Change doesn’t work well with major titles because they’re already so popular with all audiences of every race and gender, that they’re already reached full saturation, and any change will likely reduce sales.

  2. Y’know, with all that bullshit going on that changed comics since the 2010’s or something, somehow it is nice to read comics where girls GET the -4Str, though they should get the +4Wis for that.

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