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  1. I will never say that Trump is an especially smart or clever guy, but I’d rather the americans be lead by a buffoon than by an evil schemer like Hillary or a weakling like Obama. It’s not simply about how bad Trump is, it’s about how much worse the options are. And people should focus on that issue instead of whine about Trump. It’s the americans own darn fault for only having “bad” or “worse” to pick from last election.

    1. People say Trump makes a bad president but the reality is different.

      At the very least, he reduced unemployment, made peace with North Korea and did more for ethnic communities than Obama ever did.

      1. Where did you get that information from? Obama lowered the national unemployment rate from 10% to 4.7% and the national debt. He gave the order to Seal Team 6 to find Osama bin Laden and execute. Most of the policies Trump is taking the credit for was created during Obama’s time in the Oval Office. And did all of this while that blowhard was asking for his birth certificate.

        Trump has done next to nothing but given empty promises (anyone remember his campaign promise “Mexico will pay for the wall”?), tried to destroy evidence (even if there was no evidence of “collusion” which I might add is not a thing, he still tried to get Mueller fired), and lied about how much money his father gave him to start his business (I don’t know how much he had said but it was revealed that Trump received 400,000,000 instead of the amount of 1,000 -a guess- that he said he did).

        And even then, he got that money back through ill-gotten (if not ilLEGAL) gains. Which is probably why he won’t let his tax forms be released. Trump should be considered lucky that his first cabinet wasn’t stupid enough to go through with his obstruction and create even more problems.

    2. This. Shit comments like these are why America is going downhill fast. No, there is no “bad” or “worse,” to just pick from. There is also a 3rd option. If the two options are bad, then pick something else entirely. Just because Democrats and Republicans are the popular ones doesn’t mean the others are out. If they both suck, then pick something else. Most people only pick red or blue because it’s their party’s rep, not who the rep is. Democrat and Republicans have just become gangsters in the same vein as the Bloods and the Crips: Red vs. Blue. That’s all it boils down to. As long as this mentality keeps going on, we’ll always be in trouble…

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