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  1. So…
    I have been ocassionaly reading this here and being reminded it exists on other places.

    Just wanted to leave you a heartfelt: “You are doing great, keep it up!” message.

    You always manage to hit social and political themes (thematics)
    as they are.
    Not everyone might agree with all of your opinions, but let them.
    Opinions exist for a reason, if it´s only the reason to spark a debate about it.

    So Far I never read one of your comics without at least grinning, if not laughing out loud. ^^

    Have a *hug* from the chaosball. : D

  2. FYI, this isn’t the final one in English, it’s just that it probably was the final one previously, so it wraps around to the beginning right here, but there are more after this, you just have to manually look for them in the English section. Hopefully this oversight will get fixed soon.

  3. So, seems like I reached the end of part 1, then I’m going to leave a mark for the next persons that will reach this checkpoint to read if they have nothing better to do:
    Señor Jago, you sure are a genius, 200+ comics and still counting, You have managed to mix up society problems and ecchi in funny comics to make us hooked in each one of your comics. I really love the idea and it’s always a pleasure to read them, now onwards to the others hundreds!

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