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  1. He’s right to do that. Spider bites can be serious business, especially if you’re allergic or they’re very poisonous. We’re afraid of them genetically for a reason after all.

    If we’re terrified of something, it’s because our ancestors survived due to that fear. The ones that weren’t afraid were more likely to die.

    1. Except here in Scandinavia, where the things are utterly harmless to humans and will barely ever grow larger than flies, yet people will react like this. Heck, up here they’re rather like ladybugs, better to keep them around to eat the pests that might fly in. most dangerous thing we have is the risk of being bitten by a tic with TBE. And our tics originally didn’t have TBE, like the diseases with cows and pigs, we got it from Europe after being able to protect our borders for decades. At least we can still pick fruits, nuts and berries in the wild and eat them, the southerners (everything in the rest of europe is “southern” to us) can’t even do that!

    2. Mate, the sort of spiders you will find inside are rarely dangerous and spiders are very rarely interested in biting you, just grab a tissue and grab it, you’ll be perfectly fine.

      Also the reason people are scared of spiders is mostly due to how your parents react to them in front of you when your a kid and what they tell you.

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