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  1. Very true. A lot of guys are sexualized, then women leer over them, but then they complain only about women. The thing is, if both the man and the woman don’t find each other sexy, you can’t make babies.

    1. Lmao except Superman and a lot of other male superheroes aren’t drawn in the most physically attractive way for girls they are drawn in the male ideal for men. They are showing what men find powerful, not what women find sexy. If that were true, their eyes would be bigger, their lips fuller, they’d have less muscle because that amount of muscle can be gross to a lot of girls, and less of them would have masks.

      1. WRONG! people like superman have never been a male ideal for msot of the male population. as a gaming nerd myself, i will never look at duke nuken and think “sexy mofo”. if anything, guys like Gordon Freeman are more of an ideal look for straight guys like me. i would never want to look like superman. And if you notice, you’ll notice that the old(er) looks for characters like Powergirl or lara croft aren’t sex objects, but “kickass sexy”. We like gorgeous women who are smart, skilled and successful, not catwalk bimbos. THAT’S why the feminist two-faced “complaint” about female characters has no supporting evidence. They find the concept a woman who is smart and sexy offensive. nooo, they need to be fat, miserable and unattractive to men, like they are. And how is that better than having a positive ideal of “women can be super smart, super skilled and super sexy all at once”? No surprise that most feminists are in the far left wing. Like Churchill said: The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.

  2. But…they do sexualize women. In this comic for example, the female has a hole in her shirt strictly for the purpose of cleavage. I see no hole in superman’s outfit. Mr. Al’s argument is wrong too. The new Lara Croft might look more like a badass, but the original Lara Croft in all the Tomb Raider games before the reboot had huge tits, the shortest shorts available, and power girl is the same way. I’m not against it, because the “battle of the sexes” is stupid in my opinion. I’m just saying that anyone who thinks female characters haven’t been more sexualized than male characters up to this point, is in some serious denial. The only game/comic/movie that I’ve seen in which the men were are sexified as the women, is Conan the Barbarian lol.

    1. Mr AI’s argument is that those specific women aren’t sex objects. Sex objects only exist for sexual purposes and have no personality traits or background worth mentioning. A sex object would be the fictional women in a porn video.

      Old-school Lara Croft isn’t a sex object because she has an established background. She’s the last daughter of a rich family who became a freelance archeologist. Aside from her educated background, she also became proficient with firearms and athletics. While she does look sexy, she isn’t defined by that trait alone.

      At worst, I would peg her as a Mary Sue because of how easily she can function by herself.

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