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    1. Those two are likely either Mormons, or Jehovah’s Witneses, both of which are classified as cults that are based off of the Christian faith and are in no way canon the doctrine of the Christian Bible.

      Darwin refers to Darwin’s THEORY of evolution, which states that all life first somehow formed from simple single celled organisms and “evolved” into increasingly more and more complex multi-celled life forms and somehow did the mathematically and biologically impossible feat of acquiring enough beneficial genetic mutation to survive and thrive.

      1. Jehovah’s witness’s are not cults just a branch of Christianity i am no longer religious but i used to be a Jehovah’s witness more or less. Not sure about Mormons but calling them a cult is ignorant.

  1. Uh, no The “witnesses” and the mormons are not part of the established Christian church(es). There are some highly specific conditions that need to be met in order for someone/something to be Christian, and the witnesses/mormons oppose these conditions, and are rogue elements that decided to create what essentially are seperate religious cults/sects. calling them christian makes about as much sense as saying all muslims are Jewish. I’ve been approached by recruiters for the “witnessess” on several occasions, and they have been highly arrogant and spiteful people who ironically consideres me a monster (for being a christian). Their own doctrine is found around the concept that everything Christian is incorrect. So no, they are in no way related to christianity. The fact that they don’t believe in Jesus as the Christ (they believe he was a herald spirit for Jehova) should be enough to tell you that. Also, I understand why this comic strip is confusing: the “recruiters” dress stereotypically like mormons, but mormons are against the cross iconography, and the “book of mormon” never features it on the cover.
    I don’t push my christian beliefs onto others, but I won’t stand idly by as people mistake cults who shun us for being our representatives either!

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