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    1. Nigga , if you wanna die ,say this to a woman ,’cause she gonna give sooo much explain till y’all getting confuse with other and probably ends in discussion

    1. Sorry, public spaces. You can stare whenever and at whatever you wish for. Might be rude, but still legal in pretty much every civilized country. Also, if you stare at someone dressed as a clown, you have no leg to stand on in this. Unconventional get-ups, while nothing bad by themselves, tend to gather eyes. Too bad.

  1. If she only wants to feel attractive for herself, that would make her rather vain. Nothing wrong with feeling good about herself but I’m quite sure she mostly does it because she likes the attention.

    If she’s calling men perverts for staring at her cleavage, she’s either setting herself up for later humble bragging or won’t admit that the men staring at her aren’t her type. Either way, that is shitty behavior.

    Every man in the world likes to look at women they find sexy. It’s not perverted behavior and should never be shamed unless they’re doing something like staring obsessively while drooling all over the floor and fondling themselves.

    There’s a reason men are increasingly disinterested in dating.

  2. I find gender swapping to be helpful in these situations.

    If an attractive man walked out wearing something that displayed his body to good advantage (whatever you view the equivalent to be) and a much less attractive woman was paying a lot of attention and he made a rude remark back, how would it seem?

    To me, the attractive person displaying quite a lot of themself doesn’t owe someone else to accommodate their desire, but they also don’t have any leg to stand on to whine if someone wants to enjoy what they chose to put on display. Just ignore and move on, acceptable to make clear a lack of interest but being insulting if a person accepts that but chooses to keep enjoying the view is still being a jerk.

  3. If a comely young man in the prime of life and health were to go out in public wearing snug pants and a shirt that showed off his chest and abs, and a woman of lower stature and rather plain featured were to cast her gaze longingly upon him, and he loudly berated her as a pervert and a slut, you know the reaction from the distaff would be swift and violent. They would want to know how he dared to lure that poor child’s gaze and then destroy her self-esteem with vicious and unfair remarks.

    If you’re going to dress to show off, expect to gather attention and grow a thicker skin.

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